Thursday 27 February 2014

Used Car Buyers Now Totally Digital – Why Is The Car World So Surprised?

Top US consultancy, McKinsey & Company, find that 100% of used car buyers now start their search online.

One of the World’s top consultancy firms, McKinsey & Company, has effectively told the car world to, ‘wake up and smell the coffee.’ They say that 100% of used car buyers now start their search for information on their next car online.
This has happened in just a few years and the car world, even industry commentators and experts, have been slow in taking note.

Wake Up Car People - Smell The Coffee
The Age Of Print Is Dead

The move to online could mean the further demise of printed classified adverts and traditional marketing methods employed by the car industry anxious to get their product in front of potential buyers., has spent the last year building a free-to-use car review site entirely built by the most important people in the car world – the car owners.

The Voice of The Car Owner

Over 108,000 motorists have given their view to which is now able to supply owner ratings on almost every make and model on the UK roads. Unlike other much smaller but better known review sites, this was only after checking the motorists owned their cars and identifying each car model down to derivative and type.

All Reviews Checked and Double Checked has now completed its second phase to ask asked other motorists – owners of the same model of car – to vote on whether they agreed or disagreed with a review. In total 438,461 votes were cast – more than many elections. The votes mean that users of the site get an even better idea of how good, bad or ugly that model of car is.

'Hello' Says Google - We Found Some Good Stuff Here

Visits to the site have grown massively as attracts the attention of Google and other search engines ranking the site higher and higher by finding unique and informative content – all provided freely by car owners. Over 5,000,000 words have been submitted by the car reviewers keen to tell others their experiences.

'Who Are They?' - Even Car Experts Are Behind The Curve On The Speed OF Digital

In a response to a Tweet by one well known industry commentator who said, “who are they? they’ve only been around 5 minutes,” spokesman said, “We’re the voice of over 500,000 car owners who we know, can contact and have listened to. In a digital world, who can afford not to listen to the views and opinions of people who know the product better than anyone else – the owner who paid for it?”

We Check Our Reviews does not allow unregistered owners to submit a review on the site. Reviews are by invitation only. 60% of reviews are registered by people who owned the car, 40% who have sold their car recently – 95% being part exchanged with dealers or sold through a private sale to another motorist.

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