Monday 24 February 2014

Ford Set To Overtake BMW In UK's Biggest Driver Survey

Ford Cars Are As Reliable As BMW According to 74,414 Motorists

Over 536,778 car owners have been involved in rating and checking virtually every make and model on British roads on the car review site in the last 14 months.
Ford ratings have steadily climbed and now the American owned world car brand can lay claim to being as reliable as BMW. Owners have also rated Ford better on fuel economy.

Is Ford Set To Be Seen As A Better Car Maker Than BMW?

Soon Ford could overtake BMW overall. The BMW ‘Overall’ rating is just 0.1 ahead of Ford and the trend for Ford is up. The car buying public may soon have statistical proof that Ford could be seen as a better car maker than BMW.” is the most accurate car review site and the biggest in the UK. Only known owners of cars are invited to submit a review and reflects the overall sales of each car brand. No one is allowed to submit a review without proof they own or have owned the car being reviewed.

Ford - More Economical

New Fiesta Style exterior
Fiesta Review - World Beater
Car owners are asked to rate their car out of 5. The results are clear:
Fuel Economy rating    - Ford 3.80/5, BMW 3.52/5
Reliability rating - Ford 4.42/5, BMW 4.42/5
BMW still manages to score higher on other factors and is ahead for comfort and driving experience. The overall score on the car review site combines all factors and the margin between the two car brands is almost too close to call.

Overall Rating - BMW Just 0.1/5 Ahead

Overall rating - Ford 4.12/5, BMW 4.22/5
The 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium shown in Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat. Available features shown.
Ford Fusion - Due In The UK?
Each review submitted to is checked with other owners of exactly the same model and they either agree or disagree with the review. In all, 536,778 motorists have submitted a car review or cast their vote producing the most accurate rating system available anywhere in the world. Of these 50,989 owned a Ford and 23,425 a BMW. Statistically this allows a fair and reliable comparison.

The Ford recovery is led by exciting product design and attention to detail. The new Ford Fusion may come to Europe soon - with a world beating design which may help topple BMW's crown sooner rather than later.

7 Million + Cars Will Change Hands in 2014 

The Government reported 7 million used car sales in 2013. In 2014 this is projected to be higher. The car review is set to be the standard reference site for car buyers who want unbiased, statistically reliable information to help them choose their next car.
The car review site is representative of all makes and models in all parts of the UK, is further enhanced by comments left by owners.
Owners - In Their Own Words
Over 5,000,000 words have been recorded on the review site to date and owners give a real insight into the suitability of the car to their lifestyle and highlight particular problems they may have encountered.
60% of all reviews are left by people who still own their car and 40% who have sold the car they owned. This provides more balance and ratings have been found to be similar for people who have sold their car and those who have not.

Would You Recommend Your Ford As Much as A BMW?

The final rating is perhaps the most important to car makers. BMW has a higher rating when owners are asked; "would you recommend your car?" However, at 4.38/5, they were only 0.08 ahead of the Ford owners' score at 4.30/5.
The car review site is free to use. Reviews cannot be submitted without invitation to maintain the security and trust of the site.

Ford Images

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