Tuesday 18 February 2014

Battery Day Today - Will There be a Day when Drivers will be 'Plugging In' rather than 'Pumping Up?'

Car makers have launched more electric and hybrid models to meet a growing demand for eco-cars.  Government boosts sales by awarding grants to motorists who buy battery. 

Alessandro Volta - Battery Inventer

214 years ago Alessandro Volta invented the first battery.  Battery Day celebrates his birthday as he was born in Italy on 18th February 1745. 

Apart from starting an engine, the battery was ignored by car makers because of the availability of cheap oil and more efficient combustion technology. Electric powered cars were ignored for decades and lacked any investment.  

The increasing cost of oil, its ultimate scarcity and concerns about the environment have forced governments around the world to incentivise motorists and place demands on car makers to produce vehicles which look to cleaner propulsion methods. 

The battery is central to most car makers’ plans to meet the requirements of both the motorist and governments keen to fulfill their environmental undertakings to the international community. Indeed, Volta's technology is now at the heart of the most dynamic sector of car manufacturing – hybrid and electric cars - and the list of available cars is growing by the month. 

Battery and Hybrid Cars Subsidised by Government Grants

Final Price £
After Grant Hybrid/Electric Model 
 14,334 Mia Electric review 
 14,710 Renault ZOE review 
 16,272 Smart fortwo electric drive review 
 16,748 Nissan Leaf review 
 17,432 Toyota Prius Plug-in review 
 19,356 Volkswagen e-up! Review 
 21,161 Citroen CZero review 
 21,161 Peugeot iON review 
 23,499 Mitsubishi iMiEV review 
 25,625 BMW i3 review 
 28,525 Ford Focus Electric review 
 28,695 Vauxhall Ampera review 
 30,200 Chevrolet Volt review 
 44,220 Volvo V60 review 
 49,900 Tesla Model S review 
 83,967 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid review

BMW Joins In Electric Race

BMW 3i - Battery BMW On Battery Day

From the minute Mia Electric at £14,334 to the £83,967 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, motorists have more choice than ever before. Even BMW have joined in the battery boom in the launch of their all electric BMW i3 with a claimed mileage of up to 100 miles on one charge.

Most models are a hybrid of battery and combustion power and diesels have come on to the market to make models even more economical. Hybrids claim to offer the best of both worlds and, apart from grants, motorists are encouraged by free parking and the ability to avoid congestion charges levied by many major cities such as London.

Graphene - Batteries Set To Become Lighter, Cheaper, More Powerful

The recent discovery of a new wonder material called ‘Graphene’ has led futurologists to predict vastly more efficient batteries in the future – lighter, more powerful and quicker to charge.  The current list of hybrids and electric cars is likely to expand as manufacturers and scientists perfect the technology and bring battery power to the masses.

Most so called ‘electric cars’ are too new to judge and car review sites are catching up – keen to check reliability, costs and performance.  A WeLoveAnyCar.com spokesman said, “We have over 270 Toyota Prius reviews, more than any other car review site, but we’re collecting more hybrid reviews to make sure motorists have the information they need at a touch of a button.”

Manchester based WeLoveAnyCar.com has 108,900 car reviews on its free-to-use website, more than any other car review site, and they ensure each review is from bona fide car owners who have driven their car for some time.

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BMW 3i
Porsche Panamera S-E Hybrid
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