Monday 23 December 2013

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars For a Billionaire’s Christmas launches site for top earners to find the top ten cars by price – just in time for Christmas stocking fillers.

Whilst most people stuff their stocking with cheap fillers in the last days of Christmas, there’s still time for billionaires to do the same – by buying a super car at unbelievable prices. has launched a site to help all motorists find the best car for them by price. The most expensive currently available to the public is the Ferrari Berlinetta for just £238,232
Ferrari FF £226,982 - 5th On The List
The 10 Most Expensive Cars
1    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta £238,232
2    Bentley Mulsanne 6.8 V8 Mulliner £237,710
3    Rolls-Royce Ghost £231,980
4    Rolls-Royce Wraith £228,800
5    Ferrari FF £226,982
6    Ferrari 458 Spider £198,835
7    Aston Martin Vanquish £192,990
8    Aston Martin DBS V12 Volante £191,699
9    Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Performante £190,200
10    Mercedes-Benz SLS 63 £175,865
You Could Buy 363 Dacia Sanderos for 10 Top Ten Supercars
The list is an exclusive club of its own with three types of Ferrari, two Rolls Royces, two Aston Martins followed by a Bentley, Lamborghini and a top of the range Mercedes SLS. The total cost for all 10 – over £2 million.
The cheapest car found was a Dacia Sandero at £5,815. That means for the price of 10 supercars you could get over 363 Dacia’s - almost one for every day of the year.
The new car site can also be searched by MPG – perhaps more important to people on a slightly more restricted budget. The little Alfa Romeo Mito claims an astounding 97.4 MPG (extra urban) compared to a Bentley Mulsanne at 24 MPG.
A spokesman for the Manchester based site said, “We found it astounding that there isn’t one site that allows prospective buyers to look at all these factors and compare price and MPG. We also add ratings by over 108,000 drivers so they can look at comfort, reliability and other key factors which are important to a motorist and their pocket!”
Now that Christmas is close it remains to be seen if even a billionaire can get the car he wants. At least for the year ahead, where car pundits say new car sales will rise on the back of a better economy, prospective car buyers have the means to choose the best car for their needs.

Friday 20 December 2013

Car Site Shuns Ads – People Power Given Boost In New Car Site Launch breaks the mould in shunning new car advertisers and giving a voice to more drivers in the development of one of the leading review sites on the planet.

Each year car manufacturers spend $billions on new car advertising with more and more going online in the hope to entice prospective car buyers. Dealers spend more hoping to get the used car buyer to their site and buy their cars.
Car Review Site - Fits Every Device, Every Browser
Now, for the first time, has launched a site which is advert free and combines more car owner reviews than any other site.

The site won’t suffer the problems other review sites have faced – bogus reviews by people with an agenda. Only known car owners are invited to submit a car review. More than that, people known to drive the exact same type of car are asked to verify any car review logged with the site.
The success of the site has been dramatic. Over 108,400 individual cars are rated by their owners. Another 434,275 car owners are asked to review the exact same model in a ‘second review’ making it easier for users to evaluate a review of a car they are thinking of buying.

We put People Power first - in a digital age there can be no other strategy.
A spokesman for the UK based site said, “Some car sites look like over-decorated Christmas trees with the user distracted by flashing car ads and internet journeys designed to lead to sponsored links. We took a different view – a pure car review site designed to provide the maximum amount of independent information from people they trust – other car owners.”
The site is fully responsive, designed with Bootstrap 3 using a ‘mobile first’ approach. This means that the site can be viewed in any size, shape and format and is future proofed against new browsers and new devices.
Car Review Site - Fits Every Device, Every Browser
Now that Apple have adopted a parallax 3D effect in iOS 7, the site uses this to enhance the look and feel of the site.
Aware that more than 60% of its users now access the car site by mobile, have poured resources into all technologies which save bandwidth, backed up by client and server caching.
To the user that means any device, anywhere and a great user experience (UX).
jQuery was widely adopted by the Company, as was 'minification' and 'bundling', giving a performance advantage – increasingly important to search engines, which have started to use this within their key criteria to deliver results.
The most important innovation has been the merging of reviews and car information in one easy to use and fast site. Now, any motorist considering a new or used car purchase can search on that car, find one which suits their needs and then read thousands of reviews made by motorists – not journalists or cash-rich, high-spending, car companies.
The spokesman also stated, “ could be viewed as ‘disruptive’ in a market place which has seen little change. We plan other innovations but our site will always put people power first – in the digital age there can be no other strategy.”

Thursday 19 December 2013

Scottish Drivers Prefer Audi But the English Vote Skoda

After collecting over 300,000 UK motorists reviews, has identified some new evidence that the Scottish disagree with the English – even when it comes to the cars they like.

Audi, the most popular car brand in Scotland
The highest rated car brand overall in Scotland is Audi whereas the most popular make in England is Skoda.

A spokesman said, “We first spotted this in the summer when we announced our National Car Awards. Since then, the size of our database has doubled and the difference between the countries has become even more pronounced.”

The Scottish and English opinions differ on other brands too. Land Rover, for example, has average overall scores but, in Scotland, these plummet making the ‘British’ make one of the lowest rated among all brands North of the Border.

The differences are not confined to nationality. Glasgow drivers love BMW whilst Edinburgh motorists prefer Mercedes.

Reviews on the car review site are only permitted from known owners and their location is logged. The site gives insights into ‘car quirks’ such as; certain cabriolets leak, run-flat tyres used on certain models of cars make the ride too firm and particular cars are so thirsty that their true cost is far higher than manufacturer figures would indicate.


Manchester based only selects known car owners to submit a review. The review site is free to use and contains ratings and comments on virtually all makes and models of car on British roads.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

It's The 'Fuel Economy,' Stupid - The Top 10 Fuel Guzzlers Revealed

Over 107,000 motorists submitted a car review to revealing drivers' top concern - fuel economy. The 10 least economical car manufacturers revealed.

In the last 12 months, over 107,000 car owners submitted car reviews to, their top concern - fuel economy. The result was a list of top 10 guzzlers.
The Least Economic Car Makes
90% Of Motorists Think Fuel Prices Will Increase in 2014
  1. Jeep
  2. Subaru
  3. Land Rover
  4. Porsche
  5. Chrysler
  6. Lexus
  7. Alfa Romeo
  8. Jaguar
  9. Saab
  10. Chevrolet    

Motorists rated reliability, how a car drives, comfort, if they'd recommend their car and fuel economy. The subject of 'fuel economy' proved to be most on driver's minds. Their ratings resulted in the list of ‘least economical car makes.’
In a separate ‘eco-survey’ sent to 20,000 drivers by on 19th November, over 90% of respondents believed that fuel prices will increase next year and the majority said their choice of their next car would hinge on fuel economy.
A spokesman said, “Premium car makes like Lexus, Porsche and Jaguar have less to worry about as other factors clearly feature highly in a prospective buyer’s mind. But average cars clearly shouldn't have below average fuel economy. It can be no coincidence that manufacturers like Subaru and Alfa Romeo have seen falling sales figures.”
The eco-survey also delivered another assault on car manufacturers – the majority thought their cars did fewer miles to the gallon than claimed and their figures were unreliable.
In conclusion the spokesman at said, “Everyone is questioning the manufacturer’s MPG claims – from consumer groups to the Government. Whilst they debate, perhaps prospective buyers are best to check and seek information from people who actually know - motorists who have owned, driven and paid for their car over the years.”
The rankings of manufacturers are the result of the ratings made by car owners who rated economy out of 5; 1 being poor, 5 being good. These are not the opinions of who are reporting the information given to it by owners. 60% of all car reviews are made by people who still own the car, 40% by those who have sold their car in the last 12 months – predominantly to car dealers as part exchange and to private buyers. The ratings made between these two groups ensure ratings are balanced. Car reviews are only made by invitation and represent a cross section of the UK car 'parc' by model, manufacture and age. The ratings by manufacturer will change over time as the car review database receives more reviews. In the last month over 20,000 car reviews were submitted by verified car owners.
The figures published here are a reflection of the cars owned and driven on the UK roads. All of the manufacturers quoted may have produced models which have enhanced fuel economy. This will be seen in car reviews submitted in the future. The figures produced are averages and it is recognised that each of the manufacturers may have models where drivers beleive fuel economy of that model is greater, or poorer, than the averages used to compile this list.
Over 422,415 'second reviews' were logged by other drivers of the same car who 'agreed' or 'disagreed' with the review submitted making it one of the most accurate and largest car review surveys available free on line, worldwide.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

How Not To Transport Your Pony - But 'Shandy' Wanted To Go To The Show Too

'Shandy,' the pony, attends an agricultural show in unconventional style - the back of an old Ford Cortina. highlights Government Guidelines on the transport of animals., the UK's premier car review site, asked people to send in pictures of pets in
Shandy, the pony.
The photo was taken by her owner, F.H, in a New Zealand farm.
cars for a little light relief at Christmas.
'Shandy's' picture, posted on the Facebook page, highlights the difference in attitude of yesteryear to today's rules and regulations laid down for animal transport safety.
Fiona Haward, now UK based, said, "We used to live in a New Zealand farming community where anything goes! People wore 'gumboots' to the supermarket, swapped veg for furniture and, yes, farm animals travelled in open trailers and even cars. 'Shandy' was a very small foal who a neighbour took to an agricultural show in his old Ford Cortina"
DEFRA publishes a useful guide to transporting horses and ponies. The guide is in-depth but, in summary, the general guidelines would apply to most animals.
  • Journey times kept to a minimum
  • Animals are fit to travel
  • Handlers must be trained and competent
  • Vehicles must be designed for ease of access
  • Water and feed made available
  • Opportunity to rest given
  • Sufficient space for the animal

A spokesman said, "Virtually every 'rule' has been broken by Shandy and her owner in the picture taken. However, the picture is reminiscent of days gone by, a 'Darling Buds of May' moment in our lifetime where many of us were delighted to own a Ford Cortina and a visit to an agricultural show was the highlight of the summer."
END car review site now has over 99,000 car reviews with more than 360,000 drivers giving a second opinion on the cars reviewed.