Wednesday 4 December 2013

How Not To Transport Your Pony - But 'Shandy' Wanted To Go To The Show Too

'Shandy,' the pony, attends an agricultural show in unconventional style - the back of an old Ford Cortina. highlights Government Guidelines on the transport of animals., the UK's premier car review site, asked people to send in pictures of pets in
Shandy, the pony.
The photo was taken by her owner, F.H, in a New Zealand farm.
cars for a little light relief at Christmas.
'Shandy's' picture, posted on the Facebook page, highlights the difference in attitude of yesteryear to today's rules and regulations laid down for animal transport safety.
Fiona Haward, now UK based, said, "We used to live in a New Zealand farming community where anything goes! People wore 'gumboots' to the supermarket, swapped veg for furniture and, yes, farm animals travelled in open trailers and even cars. 'Shandy' was a very small foal who a neighbour took to an agricultural show in his old Ford Cortina"
DEFRA publishes a useful guide to transporting horses and ponies. The guide is in-depth but, in summary, the general guidelines would apply to most animals.
  • Journey times kept to a minimum
  • Animals are fit to travel
  • Handlers must be trained and competent
  • Vehicles must be designed for ease of access
  • Water and feed made available
  • Opportunity to rest given
  • Sufficient space for the animal

A spokesman said, "Virtually every 'rule' has been broken by Shandy and her owner in the picture taken. However, the picture is reminiscent of days gone by, a 'Darling Buds of May' moment in our lifetime where many of us were delighted to own a Ford Cortina and a visit to an agricultural show was the highlight of the summer."
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