Friday 30 May 2014

Jaguar Owners: Happy with Indian Ownership, Love their Dealers and….27% will Vote UKIP at the Next Election. surveyed 3,896 known Jaguar owners and found they were OK with Tata ownership, Jaguar had ‘massively improved’ and they loved their dealers. 

27% Jaguar owners would vote UKIP at the next election and some even want an all-electric Jaguar. carried out a special online survey sent to 3,896 Jaguar owners on 27nd May 2014 revealing some interesting results for Jaguar, their dealers, and even some politicians.

We commissioned special research into how Jaguar owners felt about their cars.
their dealers and Jaguar the Company

Tata ownership does not seem to have caused any issues with Jaguar owners. Whilst 5% said they were less likely to buy a Jaguar, 77% thought it made no difference or had no relevance. Indeed, 80% thought Jaguar had ‘improved’ or ‘massively improved’ in the last three years. 

Pleased with their Jaguar but also 'Slightly Sad'

Since Tata acquired Jaguar, 44% of owners thought it meant a ‘better future’, 32% said there were ‘better cars’ and 22%, a ‘bigger range’.  However, 26% of Jaguar owners thought that the company coming under Indian ownership was ‘slightly sad’. 

Overall, 32% of owners rated Jaguar 10 out of 10 with 84% rating the company 8, 9 or 10 out of 10.

Male, Over 50 and Loyal

Jaguar owners are a class of their own; 86% are aged 50 and over and the respondents were overwhelmingly male – 94%.  Jaguar owners are loyal with 30% having owned 4 or more Jaguars.

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Jaguar Owners: Feel Lucky and Very Special

Asked what they felt like owning a Jaguar, 38% of owners thought they were ‘lucky,’ 28% felt they felt ‘very special’ and 26% ‘advantaged.’  Some also felt ‘wise’ and ‘intelligent’ in owing a Jaguar and a significant proportion (22%) felt ‘envied’ and ‘I have arrived’ (14%).

The Jaguar Mind Set?

In an indication of their mind-set, 27% of Jaguar owners would vote UKIP at the next election, even higher than some recent national polls suggest, with 37% intending to vote Conservative.  Jaguar owners are not liberals with less than 1% intending to vote for the beleaguered party.  That said, 25% of respondents would ‘rather not say’ or are ‘unsure’ who they would vote for at the next election.

Top Marks For Jaguar Dealers

Jaguar dealers are clearly helping the luxury car company’s cause with 67% rating the last dealer they visited 4 or 5 out of 5.  46% said they felt ‘welcome,’ 33% ‘comfortable’ and 26% ‘appreciated.’  Jaguar owners were also happy to recommend their dealer but, tellingly, only 44% of them had their car serviced there ‘all the time’.

An All-Electric Jaguar - Yes, No and Maybe

Surprisingly, given the older age profile of the Jaguar owner, 12% said they would be interested in buying an all-electric Jaguar with a range of 300 miles and 26% would seriously consider buying one.  Now that the American Tesla has entered the UK with a premium all-electric car with the same range Jaguar should take note.

Jaguars Highly Recommended

Jaguar - Top Marks - Which One Is This?

The car review site continually collects owner views for all makes and models. The Jaguar marque scores highly with an ‘overall rating’ of 4.34 out of 5 which combines ratings given to ‘comfort,’ ‘reliability,’ economy and a series of ratings helping users of the site assess owners’ opinions on how ‘great to drive’ and ‘exciting to drive’ a Jaguar is.  Jaguar has a ‘recommended’ score of 4.53 out of 5 – one of the highest on the car review site.

Jaguar Gets It Right

A spokesman said of the specially commissioned survey, “Jaguar has clearly got it right.  Their models, their dealers and their image have all been rated highly by Jaguar owners.  Clearly ownership is not an issue.  As ever it is the cars a manufacturer sells, and how they treat customers, which really counts.” is the biggest car review site in the UK with over 127,500 car reviews submitted in the last 16 months.  Each owner is contactable and verifiable.  Other owners of the exact same car are asked to ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with the review and over 572,626 votes have been collected.

The Jaguar Owner Survey is separate to the Jaguar car review information displayed on the site.

Picture Credits:  David Kimber

Wednesday 28 May 2014 Ready For Scottish Independence - Even if they Vote 'No' boasts the UK’s largest car review site and has over 127,000 car reviews and opinions – big enough to provide an independent Scotland with its own car review resource. 

Audi Spider - The Scott's Favourite Car Make

The Scottish Rate Different Cars

Scotland’s drivers have their own car opinions and preferences and they're different to the rest of the UK.
Last year we found Scotland’s top car was an Audi, not a Skoda which won the top manufacturer in our National Car Awards.  Now that we have even more reviews, we are well placed to give Scotland its own car review information even if the Scottish decide on a ‘No’ vote.

Land Rovers - More Popular South of the Border

Analysis of 2013 review data revealed key differences between drivers by location.  Not only did Scotland rate Audi more highly than Skoda, the Scots had lower ratings for Land Rovers in general citing reliability issues more frequently than owners of the same make south of the border.

Every Region Has Its Own Favourites 

As the number of reviews passes 127,000, covering virtually every make and model on British roads, the UK’s biggest car review site is confident it can reflect regional and national differences in car preferences and opinions.
Enough Reviews To Give Regional Information 

Even Our Reviews Are Reviewed has more car reviews than any other site and only asks known car owners for their opinion.   More importantly it asks other owners of the same car to vote on any review submitted and has clocked up over 560,000 ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ votes to help users of the site can evaluate any review given.

Reviews - By Invitation Only

Each day hundreds of car reviews and votes are lodged with and they can verify not only ownership but exact model owned plus contact details including location – something that few other sites can provide. Digs Up The Detail  

The spokesman said: “The number of reviews is so high we can see key differences at a much more granular level than any other car review site.  It is becoming very clear that not only does Scotland need its own view of our car data, we’re getting ready to issue facts and figures by regions within England and Wales as well.”

Photo Credit : David Kimber

Thursday 22 May 2014

£100 Billion Nest Egg on Britain’s Driveways

New government figures show that the wealth of the nation is not just in peoples’ homes, but parked outside.18 million UK households own at least one car worth a combined £100 Billion. 

The Wealth and Assets Survey published by the Office of National Statistics on 15th May estimates the wealth of the UK population in terms of the assets they own.

We have highlighted an important component of personal assets; the car. The average value of a car used by government is £5,000 but figures don't include multi-car owning households.
Bugatti Veyron - More than £1 Million

The equity UK motorists have is overlooked by most commentators, and is a major component of wealth in the UK.

UK car buyers are underserved when it comes to finding out information on the best cars to buy.

Top Gear presenters Clarkson, May and Hammond focus on looks and performance but, from a wealth point of view, motorists need to know which cars hold their value, the models that cost less to run and those with the best reliability.

There are over 32 million cars registered on UK roads. Whilst a number are owned by companies and leasing organisations, the majority belong to the public.

The demographics of car ownership have changed. Department of Transport statistics published in April 2014 show Women bought 1.6 million more cars in the last 10 years whilst men owning cars has only grown by 600,000.

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Our further analysis mined from millions of lines of data published by government reveal the biggest growth in car ownership is among women aged over 50.

Britain’s mobile wealth is not only confined to cars. Information published includes details of boats, caravans and motorbikes worth another £40 Billion.

Personalized number plate ownership has increased by 8% in the last 6 years. 1.5 million people have a number plate which means something to them, their friends and their pockets.

Whilst the government wealth survey is informative, figures issued do not necessarily reconcile with those published by other government departments such as the Department of Transport. The total value of Britain's cars is far higher as many houses have more than one car.

The disparity between people who have a car and those who don't has fallen slightly with 25% of the measured population not owning a car. A more detailed analysis reveals that city dwellers have seen car ownership drop whilst people in rural areas have been forced to buy a car because of falling public transport availability.

Our car review site holds the views and reviews of over 540,000 motorists and gives an insight into key costs of ownership – fuel economy and reliability – and is available free to motorists.

In cash strapped Britain, hardworking motorists are advised to read reviews and views of cars by the most important people: car owners who have lived and paid for a car over the long term.

Thursday 1 May 2014

10 Ways to Spot a Dog Loving Car Dealer

In our dog survey, 77% of car owners with dogs said their choice of car was dependent on the best fit for their dog.

Given that dog ownership is on the rise, how welcome do car dealers make dog owners?

'Filbert' - loved by Shaun & Emma but sadly departed to the great kennel in the sky

10 Ways to Spot a Dog Loving Car Dealer

  1. 'Dogs Welcome' sign in sight
  2. Water for dogs provided 
  3. Dogs feature in dealer's adverts 
  4. Salesmen smile when they see the dog 
  5. Salesmen offer to let your dog sit in the car 
  6. Salesmen asks and uses the dog's name 
  7. Dog snacks are offered 
  8. Staff stroke and pet your dog 
  9. Staff do not show displeasure with your dog
  10. If there is a doggie accident, wipes and mops are provided 

Are dealers taking the lead?

The fact is over 20% of car owners will have dogs. Today's car market can be rough and dealers should take the lead and lay out the welcome mat for the family dog.
Dealers may not hate dogs but most don't see how important they are.  Nowadays dealers cater for kids and treat both sexes equally but, to them, your dog is a nobody whilst, to you, he or she is part of the family.

If you know a car dealer or car salesman - let him know

If you know a dealer or a car salesman - send him a link to this article.  Our job, as dog owning car lovers, is to spread the word.

Choose the right car, right now

Over 120,000 people have reviewed their cars with us.  Before you consider buying your next car, look what other people say - you'd be surprised how many talk about their dogs - click here

Bugatti - At £1 million is perhaps one car which should be dog free

8 Major Car Makers' Most Expensive Cars

Lamborghini Aventador
Photo Credit David Kimber

The cheapest new car

The cheapest car found was a Dacia Sandero at £5,815. For one top price Lamborghini you could buy nearly 67 Dacias...before discount!

The most economical

Our new car site can also be searched by MPG – perhaps more important to people on a slightly more restricted budget. 

The little Alfa Romeo Mito claims an astounding 97.4 MPG (extra urban) compared to a Bentley Mulsanne at 24 MPG.

The most desirable cars

Visit our Gallery for pictures of most of the most desirable cars sold including more of the Lamborghini.

Ferrari - Which One?
Photo Credit David Kimber

Top Ten Ways To Waste Fuel

The University of Michigan published a study listing the top ten ways to waste fuel whilst driving. 

  1. Aggressive driving - up to 25% drop in fuel efficiency
  2. Driving at high speeds - 6% drop
  3. Choosing the wrong route (road type, grade, & congestion) - 6% drop
  4. Out of tune engine - 4% drop
  5. Poor tyres - 4% drop
  6. Using air conditioner - 4% drop
  7. Excessive idling - 2% drop
  8. Extra weight - 1.5% drop
  9. Wrong engine oil - 1.5%
  10. Under-inflated tyres - 1.5% drop

Save 10% On Your Fuel Costs

Experts, including those mentioned above, say that up to 10% of fuel costs can be saved. If the annual average cost of fuel is £1,300 that's £130 which could be saved by bill laden drivers if they DON'T follow the above 10 steps when driving.

Selling your car - the cheaper option?

With fuel prices so high it might be worth selling your car and buying one with better fuel economy.  Some models are now reaching 60+MPG and if you clock up the miles then real weekly savings can be made straight away.  

Guess who is scientifically proven to be more economical drivers; men or women? - click here 

Men Say They Save More Fuel - But Women Do