Thursday 1 May 2014

Top Ten Ways To Waste Fuel

The University of Michigan published a study listing the top ten ways to waste fuel whilst driving. 

  1. Aggressive driving - up to 25% drop in fuel efficiency
  2. Driving at high speeds - 6% drop
  3. Choosing the wrong route (road type, grade, & congestion) - 6% drop
  4. Out of tune engine - 4% drop
  5. Poor tyres - 4% drop
  6. Using air conditioner - 4% drop
  7. Excessive idling - 2% drop
  8. Extra weight - 1.5% drop
  9. Wrong engine oil - 1.5%
  10. Under-inflated tyres - 1.5% drop

Save 10% On Your Fuel Costs

Experts, including those mentioned above, say that up to 10% of fuel costs can be saved. If the annual average cost of fuel is £1,300 that's £130 which could be saved by bill laden drivers if they DON'T follow the above 10 steps when driving.

Selling your car - the cheaper option?

With fuel prices so high it might be worth selling your car and buying one with better fuel economy.  Some models are now reaching 60+MPG and if you clock up the miles then real weekly savings can be made straight away.  

Guess who is scientifically proven to be more economical drivers; men or women? - click here 

Men Say They Save More Fuel - But Women Do

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