Thursday 24 April 2014

Do Customers Know More About Cars than Dealer Salesmen?

Car customers spend hours online and are more likely to know more about a dealer’s cars than the salesmen who sell them 

Is Your Mind Made Up?

As Automotive Management reported on 8th April, dealers find that customers ‘already have their mind made up’ before they visit a dealership. However that article and others are missing a key point – prospective customers don't just search for a car, they research the cars they want to buy and are increasingly looking to other car owners for their opinions.

Digital Diligence  
Reviews -  Search on Specific Model have harnessed the power of the motorist in gathering the opinions of known car owners – no one can submit a review to our site without being asked. Once a review is submitted, we ask other drivers of the same derivative of car if they agree or disagree with the review. This ‘digital diligence’ avoids spurious and fake reviews. now has the views and opinions of over 538,000 car owners on virtually every make and model of car sold in the UK today.

Used Car Buyers - Start Online Not On Foot

According to Google, keen buyers will suck in information and will know a great deal about the car they want to buy. McKinsey & Company issued a paper in February 2014 which stated that 100% of used car buyers search on line first.

Review Sites for Holidays - Why Not Cars?

Prospective customers have been trained in review sites like TripAdvisor where they can find out what travelers thought of a hotel or holiday destination. Now they expect the same information to be available for cars for sale online and they expect it to be fair, accurate and up-to-date.

Car buyers will spend hours researching what car is best for them - using car review sites to 'ask' other car owners who have lived with and paid for a car for their opinion.

Educating The Salesman plan to give dealers and dealer salesmen information on customer reviews on every car for sale on their forecourt where they are available. By working with dealers we think we can help salesman gain more information about the cars they have for sale. Hopefully they will be able to read as much about the cars they have for sale as their prospective customers.

Review Any Car

Research your own car by visiting our review site:

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