Wednesday 16 April 2014

Are Older Women Drivers the Hidden Powerhouse of Rising Car Sales in the UK?

Car ownership amongst women climbs by 1.6 million in 10 years – more than three times the growth of car ownership amongst men. 

More women are buying more cars than ever before according to UK government statistics released on April 10th.  New car ownership is growing at a faster rate amongst older women who could be the hidden powerhouse driving a revival in new and used car sales.

Women Own 10 million cars

In just ten years, car ownership amongst women has grown to nearly 10 million – and that doesn't include company cars and vans.  

Women Turn to The Internet To Choose Their Cars

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Growth in Woman Car Owners:  3 x Men in Last 10 years

Whilst men still account for 14.7 million private cars on the road, that figure has grown just 500,000 in 10 years.  Women have bought an additional 1.6 million cars – three times as many as men.

Women may soon be neck and neck with men when it comes to new cars sold.  Nearly 43% of new cars sold privately are now bought by women. 

The Powerhouse in UK Car Sales - Mature Women

The growth in women drivers isn't necessarily younger women taking up the wheel.  According to the National Transport Survey there was a 20% increase in the number of trips taken by women drivers aged over 50 from 2003 to 2011.

Not Many Mature Women Watch 'Top Gear'

Women not only buy their own cars but they influence the choice of male partners.  Women could be the predominant, but ignored, force in car buying. The biggest growth market could be women over 50 years old – and not many of those buy car magazines or watch Top Gear.

Reliability, Economy, Practicality : Key Needs Of Women Car Owners

The Internet, Not Salesmen, Help Women Choose Their Cars

The importance of internet search in the automotive sector has grown dramatically.  The McKinsey& Company report published in February 2014 into the future of car buying outlines how 100% of used car purchases and the majority of new car purchases are made after detailed internet research has been carried out by the prospective buyer.  Also Amanda M.Kimbrough of the University of Alabama found that, ‘Women connect more than do men’ in her 2012 study and women engage more often with social networks and actively seek the opinions of others.

Quite clearly car dealers and car makers should not just treat women with respect but should expect that they have done their research, sought the opinions of others and could know far more about a car than the salesman selling it. has the largest car review site in the UK with over 530,000 reviews and opinions of motorists covering virtually every make and model of car sold – new and used. 

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