Monday 31 March 2014

London Behind In Global Race - Bikes Now Faster Than Cars, the UK’s biggest car review site, crunches new Department of Transport figures and finds bikes go faster in Camden than cars. With an average speed of less than 9.5 MPH, car ownership is falling in London.

Department of Transport figures released on 13th February, highlight a growing problem in the world's leading city: London.
London Boroughs responsible for local 'A' roads are losing the global race in transport efficiency as the average speed of cars in the Capital falls below cyclists.
Camden is the slowest Borough according to measurements issued by the Department of Transport.
155 MPH Porsche In Camden With Average 9.5 MPH in Camden, London analysed the Department's monthly figures by each individual 'A' road then averaged these out over 12 months by Local Authority or Borough. All figures were based on the speeds of cars from 7am to 10am on individual roads measured by Department of Transport officials. Whilst they say their figures are 'experimental', they have been collecting data for more than 6 years on over 4000 stretches of 'A' roads.
The top ten slowest road networks were all in London Boroughs with Camden vehicle owners averaging road speeds of just 9.5 MPH over a 12 month period.
Close behind in the slowest road tables were the City of London and Islington. However virtually all the London Boroughs are bottom of the vehicle speed lists.
The fastest Local Authority was Rutland. The slowest road in England over 12 months was Tottenham Court Road.
David Titmuss of said, “We track average top speeds by car by area and our database runs into millions. We found some of the fastest cars are owned by people who live in the slowest Boroughs in London."
Car ownership is declining in many major cities and this new analysis gives an insight into why commuters are increasingly turning to the bike, bus, train and even choosing to walk.
"Soon walking could be faster than car in London if the trends in the data continue," said the spokesman.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Women Want Reliability and Economy but Do Men Turn to 'Electo-Bling' When Choosing a New Car?

The number of electrical faults for over 50,000 car warranty claims more than doubled from 2008 to 2013. Yet car makers are set to meet the insatiable demand for electronic wizardry - but will it appeal to the practical mum?

Are Men Suckers For The Latest Gadgets?

Spokesman for the UK’s biggest car review site said, “There appears to be a divide between men and women when it comes to cars.  Some improvements like 'keyless entry' score well with women as does any gadget which makes it easier to get from A to B.  Men on the other hand, seem to be fascinated by technology.”

Stop Press...

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Apples In Cars - Not That New

Apple And Google Fight To Take Control Of Your Car

The recent Geneva Motor Show illustrated how the electronic trend is set to be turbo boosted as heavy weight tech giants like Apple and Google move in to the car world.

Car manufacturers now spend an increasing amount on inventing and adopting electronic gadgetry in an effort to gain the attention of motorists who love to boast to their friends about their ‘heads up display’ and the fact that the car can automatically adapt to the weather conditions.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

The 10 Worst Roads In Britain Announced – Brian Clough Would Have Sorted It

Brian Clough Way in Nottingham the worst road in Britain. The 10 worst roads in Britain revealed.

Over 60% of all journeys along Brian Clough Way in Nottingham were delayed according to Department Of Transport statistics published on 13th March.

Brian Clough WayThe 10 Worst Roads in Britain*

1.    A52 Brian Clough Way, Nottingham
2.    A61 from Barnsley to the M1
3.    A404 from Maidenhead to M4
4.    A63 South of Hull
5.    A27 Brighton
6.    A33 Basingstoke
7.    A24 Worthing
8.    A500 Newcastle Under Lyme
9.    A23 Redhill
10.  A259 Bexhill

(*Data is combined from a number of data points and is subject to interpretation - the Government do not use Google Earth! Roads near Brighton particularly the A27, where the Highway Agency is responsible, are mentioned in several data points. )

Motorist Misery - Traffic Jams
Motorist’s ultimate misery, apart from breakdown, comes in the form of traffic delays with hours wasted every day caused by overcrowding and poor road planning.

A 60% Chance of A Delay

The worst road in Britain, according to the Department of Transport, is Brian Clough Way in Nottingham where less than 40% of drivers are likely to travel the link road to the M1 on time.

'Rome wasn't built in a day. But I wasn't on that particular job.' Brian Clough

Brian Clough once said, 'Rome wasn't built in a day. But I wasn't on that particular job.' The people of Nottingham still hold the charismatic and rambunctious manager in high esteem and one local resident motorists said, “It’s a shame Cloughy wasn’t here to sort this mess, he wouldn’t have let the people of Nottingham sit in traffic and put up with it – he would have taken his name off the road.”

Over 2000 Roads Timed

The Department of Transport state that their ‘on-time’ car figures are experimental and are being tested but the data goes back to March 2011. Over 2000 stretches of road have been regularly monitored and the DoT is looking for users of the data to give feedback to improve their reliability and use.

Problems On The South Coast

The worst ten roads in Britain have also revealed all is not well in the prosperous South with traffic nightmares near Brighton, Worthing and Bexhill clogging up the roads on a daily basis.

And The Best Road Is....

The best roads are also revealed with A11 between A1101 and A14 East Anglia achieving 100% on time conditions in January 2014. However, even on this small quiet stretch of road, road works have been announced and local drivers will face delays.

*Important Notes

The Government use exact co-ordinates called ‘Easting’ and ‘Northing’.  These are listed against codes called ‘HATRIS’  in the tables supplied by DoT (eg  AL3155).  They do not use Google Maps.

We therefore reverted to ‘Easting’ and ‘Northing’ references and found the exact locations as the DoT use them.

Given the precise nature of the references, one road can appear twice.  It appears twice as each carriage way is measured independently.  For example, a road to the motorway can be slower than the road from it.

The analysis carried out combined a number of lines of the data - which is still a little experimental and prone to error.  This allowed us to take out the duplicates (two references for the same stretch of road) but utilise the data. 

The combination of this allowed us to name roads in general and towns in general, this has been subject to interpretation.

Thursday 13 March 2014

Billion Dollar Rush for the Digital Driver

With the $2 billion rush to buy, the Digital Driver’s voice has never been more valuable. Now we're targeting one million car reviews in 2014 giving more drivers more power.

Digital Drivers now outnumber all other car buyers. According to McKinsey & Co.'s report on the future of car retailing, 100% of used car buyers and 80% of new car buyers do their research for their next car online.

Cars.Com - Going, Going, Gone?

The importance of Digital Drivers is underlined by the potential sale of in the USA for over $2 Billion, as reported on 12th March by Bloomberg.

Investment in showrooms and marketing campaigns to entice motorists in to meet car salesmen is being eclipsed by the money pouring in to online automotive sites which are now the starting point for most car

Word Of Mouth Beats Spend On Ads

‘Word of Mouth’ is recognized by most marketers as the Holy Grail – harness that and success will follow. Now Digital Drivers have Google and the specialist automotive sites at hand but are increasingly looking to other people’s opinions on a car’s reliability, economy, driving experience and if other owners would recommend their car.

Unlike the travel sector where online reviews like TripAdvisor have become essential, the automotive sector has been behind the pace and independent and authoritative review sites have been slow to evolve. - More Digital Drivers has over 500,000 driver views on its car review site and now plans to recruit another half a million reviews in 2014. It will only allow proven owners to submit a review to maintain the integrity and independence of the review site – building trust among all Digital Drivers.

A spokesman for said, “With the potential $2 billion purchase of, it seems that the money men, if not the traditional automotive sector, are recognizing that the car buying process has changed for good. Digital Drivers start their search at home or in the office. They are using information they can trust – and that will increasingly be available from other car owners. That’s why we’re investing so much in doubling the size of our world beating car review site.”

Look For 'Digital Diligence' 

In the next few months, will be contacting car owners to join the Digital Driver revolution by submitting a review on the car they own or have owned in the last 12 months. In order to ratify any reviews, they will also ask other drivers – of the exact same model – to say if they agree or disagree with the review someone else has made. This process, called ‘Digital Diligence,’ means that potential buyers can weigh up the value of each review they read.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Chevrolet Owners May Want To Sell - Now

500,000 motorists on car review site vote Chevrolet the lowest rated car make in the UK as owner GM prepares to withdraw brand from market. 

The Chevrolet brand is the lowest rated car brand by 500,000 motorists who helped build the car review site.
Owners of virtually every make and model on British roads rated their car for economy, comfort, driving experience and if they would recommend their car to other drivers. Chevrolet owners were the least satisfied among all owners in almost every way.
Chevy Least Loved 

Not American As Apple Pie

The Chevrolet models on British roads hail not from the USA but are badged versions of cars produced by the former Daewoo factory in South Korea, many based on old GM designs.

Falling Chevy Sales In The UK

According to the SMMT, 11,767 Chevrolet cars were sold in the UK in 2013, down from 18,660 in 2009. In view of declining sales through fewer and fewer dealers, GM, Chevrolet's owner, recently announced the withdrawal of the brand at the end of 2015.

What Will The Cost Of Owning Be In The Future? spokesman said, "The car review site clearly indicates the view of car owners – there are better cars to own than the Chevrolet. As the Chevrolet brand prepares to withdraw its presence in the UK, it might be best for Chevy owners to think about the future costs of ownership – How much will the parts be? What will the car be worth without a manufacturer presence in the UK?"

Car Buyers Find Their Car From Home - Not In The Dealership

Europe is over supplied with cars – too many car brands chasing too few buyers. In a recent McKinsey & Company report, 100% of used car buyers research potential cars to buy online with 80% of new car buyers starting their journey in front of a computer and not sat in a showroom. The importance of independent car review sites is set to increase as prospective car buyers short list the best cars for their needs before they even leave home.

If the Car is a Dog, our Car Reviewers will Bark

The spokesman said, "The internet makes it hard to hide a bad car and impossible to ignore a poor car brand. The car review site is built by car owners with no agenda – they simply tell other motorists how it is. If the car is a dog, our car reviewers will bark. Manufacturers can advertise all they like but the only long term strategy must be to build good, reliable, attractive and distinctive cars which are a pleasure to drive and own."
Highest Rated Cars: Skoda, Mercedes Benz and Honda
The highest rated major car brands are Skoda, Mercedes Benz and Honda. As with all car makes, there will be good and bad models in every range and the strength in any review site is how recent reviews were made and statistically significant volumes.
The car review site is built in the last 14 months by asking known car owners their opinions about the car they own or have owned. Reviews can only be submitted by invitation. 60% of all call reviews are made by car owners, 40% by motorists who owned that model recently. All car reviews are then voted upon by owners of the same make and model to validate the original review.