Wednesday 5 March 2014

Chevrolet Owners May Want To Sell - Now

500,000 motorists on car review site vote Chevrolet the lowest rated car make in the UK as owner GM prepares to withdraw brand from market. 

The Chevrolet brand is the lowest rated car brand by 500,000 motorists who helped build the car review site.
Owners of virtually every make and model on British roads rated their car for economy, comfort, driving experience and if they would recommend their car to other drivers. Chevrolet owners were the least satisfied among all owners in almost every way.
Chevy Least Loved 

Not American As Apple Pie

The Chevrolet models on British roads hail not from the USA but are badged versions of cars produced by the former Daewoo factory in South Korea, many based on old GM designs.

Falling Chevy Sales In The UK

According to the SMMT, 11,767 Chevrolet cars were sold in the UK in 2013, down from 18,660 in 2009. In view of declining sales through fewer and fewer dealers, GM, Chevrolet's owner, recently announced the withdrawal of the brand at the end of 2015.

What Will The Cost Of Owning Be In The Future? spokesman said, "The car review site clearly indicates the view of car owners – there are better cars to own than the Chevrolet. As the Chevrolet brand prepares to withdraw its presence in the UK, it might be best for Chevy owners to think about the future costs of ownership – How much will the parts be? What will the car be worth without a manufacturer presence in the UK?"

Car Buyers Find Their Car From Home - Not In The Dealership

Europe is over supplied with cars – too many car brands chasing too few buyers. In a recent McKinsey & Company report, 100% of used car buyers research potential cars to buy online with 80% of new car buyers starting their journey in front of a computer and not sat in a showroom. The importance of independent car review sites is set to increase as prospective car buyers short list the best cars for their needs before they even leave home.

If the Car is a Dog, our Car Reviewers will Bark

The spokesman said, "The internet makes it hard to hide a bad car and impossible to ignore a poor car brand. The car review site is built by car owners with no agenda – they simply tell other motorists how it is. If the car is a dog, our car reviewers will bark. Manufacturers can advertise all they like but the only long term strategy must be to build good, reliable, attractive and distinctive cars which are a pleasure to drive and own."
Highest Rated Cars: Skoda, Mercedes Benz and Honda
The highest rated major car brands are Skoda, Mercedes Benz and Honda. As with all car makes, there will be good and bad models in every range and the strength in any review site is how recent reviews were made and statistically significant volumes.
The car review site is built in the last 14 months by asking known car owners their opinions about the car they own or have owned. Reviews can only be submitted by invitation. 60% of all call reviews are made by car owners, 40% by motorists who owned that model recently. All car reviews are then voted upon by owners of the same make and model to validate the original review.

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