Wednesday 19 March 2014

Women Want Reliability and Economy but Do Men Turn to 'Electo-Bling' When Choosing a New Car?

The number of electrical faults for over 50,000 car warranty claims more than doubled from 2008 to 2013. Yet car makers are set to meet the insatiable demand for electronic wizardry - but will it appeal to the practical mum?

Are Men Suckers For The Latest Gadgets?

Spokesman for the UK’s biggest car review site said, “There appears to be a divide between men and women when it comes to cars.  Some improvements like 'keyless entry' score well with women as does any gadget which makes it easier to get from A to B.  Men on the other hand, seem to be fascinated by technology.”

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Apples In Cars - Not That New

Apple And Google Fight To Take Control Of Your Car

The recent Geneva Motor Show illustrated how the electronic trend is set to be turbo boosted as heavy weight tech giants like Apple and Google move in to the car world.

Car manufacturers now spend an increasing amount on inventing and adopting electronic gadgetry in an effort to gain the attention of motorists who love to boast to their friends about their ‘heads up display’ and the fact that the car can automatically adapt to the weather conditions.

The Fiat 500 - The True Italian Super car

The true Italian super car for many women is the Fiat 500, a top rated car on the car review site.

Over 240 Fiat 500 reviews have been posted and one Manchester driver made a comment typical of many others;

"This is my second Fiat 500. I really do love my car. I find it economical and it looks great. They were probably the 2 most important things I was taking into account when buying a car. The size makes it easy to park as does the city drive function.”

Renault Megan Review - Highlights A Common Problem?

Some manufacturers tend to have weaknesses when it comes to electronics.  One Dudley driver said in his Renault Megan review ;
“The electrics are of serious concern! My car developed serious electrical issues…It's something that is known of these cars. Even changing a headlight bulb requires the wrist dexterity of a gibbon. Avoid this car!!!”  

Aston Martin Engine Management Problems?

Aston Martin Reviewer - Is It Able To Keep Up - Digitally?

The luxury market has traditionally led the way with new innovations and even iconic marques encounter problems. 

An Eastleigh motorist said in his Aston Martin review
“Although a beautiful looking car, my experience was disappointing due to huge annual servicing costs even though I only did 1500 miles/year. I also had a problem with the engine management computer which took the main dealer 3 months to sort out.”

Does Your Average Car Mechanic Have a Computer Science Degree? He May Need One...

Whilst mechanical issues over the last 20 years have reduced and cars have become more reliable, the new era of computer aided cars may well stretch the demands of car workshops lagging behind when it comes to fixing electrical problems.

The lack of training and limited investment in technical diagnosis equipment could see more, not less, business being driven to well financed manufacturer franchise dealers which could increase the cost of car ownership.

Not All Drivers Are The Same

Whilst the car review site comments indicate a preference among men for 'Electro-Bling' it is hard to be accurate.  All drivers are different and this blog post merely draws its information from general comments, and the number and type of comments made by both men and women, young and old, loaded or strapped.  In the end, choosing a car for looks and gadgetry is just as much a choice as the costs of ownership.

Picture Credit David Kimber.  Apples in Car

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