Wednesday 28 May 2014 Ready For Scottish Independence - Even if they Vote 'No' boasts the UK’s largest car review site and has over 127,000 car reviews and opinions – big enough to provide an independent Scotland with its own car review resource. 

Audi Spider - The Scott's Favourite Car Make

The Scottish Rate Different Cars

Scotland’s drivers have their own car opinions and preferences and they're different to the rest of the UK.
Last year we found Scotland’s top car was an Audi, not a Skoda which won the top manufacturer in our National Car Awards.  Now that we have even more reviews, we are well placed to give Scotland its own car review information even if the Scottish decide on a ‘No’ vote.

Land Rovers - More Popular South of the Border

Analysis of 2013 review data revealed key differences between drivers by location.  Not only did Scotland rate Audi more highly than Skoda, the Scots had lower ratings for Land Rovers in general citing reliability issues more frequently than owners of the same make south of the border.

Every Region Has Its Own Favourites 

As the number of reviews passes 127,000, covering virtually every make and model on British roads, the UK’s biggest car review site is confident it can reflect regional and national differences in car preferences and opinions.
Enough Reviews To Give Regional Information 

Even Our Reviews Are Reviewed has more car reviews than any other site and only asks known car owners for their opinion.   More importantly it asks other owners of the same car to vote on any review submitted and has clocked up over 560,000 ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ votes to help users of the site can evaluate any review given.

Reviews - By Invitation Only

Each day hundreds of car reviews and votes are lodged with and they can verify not only ownership but exact model owned plus contact details including location – something that few other sites can provide. Digs Up The Detail  

The spokesman said: “The number of reviews is so high we can see key differences at a much more granular level than any other car review site.  It is becoming very clear that not only does Scotland need its own view of our car data, we’re getting ready to issue facts and figures by regions within England and Wales as well.”

Photo Credit : David Kimber

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