Thursday 19 December 2013

Scottish Drivers Prefer Audi But the English Vote Skoda

After collecting over 300,000 UK motorists reviews, has identified some new evidence that the Scottish disagree with the English – even when it comes to the cars they like.

Audi, the most popular car brand in Scotland
The highest rated car brand overall in Scotland is Audi whereas the most popular make in England is Skoda.

A spokesman said, “We first spotted this in the summer when we announced our National Car Awards. Since then, the size of our database has doubled and the difference between the countries has become even more pronounced.”

The Scottish and English opinions differ on other brands too. Land Rover, for example, has average overall scores but, in Scotland, these plummet making the ‘British’ make one of the lowest rated among all brands North of the Border.

The differences are not confined to nationality. Glasgow drivers love BMW whilst Edinburgh motorists prefer Mercedes.

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Manchester based only selects known car owners to submit a review. The review site is free to use and contains ratings and comments on virtually all makes and models of car on British roads.

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