Friday 21 February 2014

10 Ways To Spot A Car Phobic Man, Woman or Dog!

Amaxophobiacs – people and animals - with a fear of travelling by car 

Photo By David Kimber - Not Everyone Loves Cars
Amaxaphobiacs will do anything to avoid a car and more to keep their secret. Travel by car in the western world is virtually unavoidable.  Yet there are a small number of people who suffer in silence – because they dread the thought of getting into any type of automobile.

The phobia is not exclusive to people.  Dogs and other animals display many of the same symptoms people have who dread the thought of a car journey.

10 Ways To Spot Car Phobiacs – Are you an Amaxophobiac?

If you can tick a number of the following when thinking of travelling by car then you, or someone you know, may have a car phobia.
      1. Severe heart palpitations
      2. Feeling faint
      3. Nausea and vomiting
      4. Sweating excessively
      5. Dry throat
      6. Unable to breathe properly
      7. Trembling limbs
      8. Hearing or sight impairment
      9. Loss of sense of reality
      10. Thoughts of losing control while driving

Car phobic dogs, in particular, will have additional reactions including; high pitched barking, cowering, signs of agitation, urinating and making attempts to exit the car at any opportunity which may cause safety issues to the human occupants of the car.

Amaxophobia can make a rational, sensible and well-adjusted person crumble with the thought of sitting in a car.  The prospect of a car journey – even days away – can cause signs of stress and adverse physical reaction. 

Car Phobic People Change Their Lifestyle to Avoid Cars - At Any Cost

People with car phobia will seek to adjust their life to avoid the prospect of even having to get into a car.  Many will move to cities where public transport is readily available. Some Amaxophobiacs will invent complex reasons, excuses and scenarios to avoid car journeys all together.  This will often hamper their social life and can lead to isolation.
Cats Can Be Avoided - But Can Cars?
A commentator on car phobia said, “Many phobias are manageable.  People with a fear of cats, for example, aren’t too embarrassed to tell others, cats can be avoided and often this becomes a lovable ‘quirk’ among friends.  However, Amaxophobiacs will hide their fear as travelling by car is the norm in any western society.  People with car phobia could be singled out as strange, weak willed, odd and unusual yet it’s not their fault.”

Car Phobia - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Often people with car phobia will have other phobias but not always.  Amaxophobia may also be caused by an event such as a car crash and is therefore a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder.  A number of counsellors and specialists are available to help but this may be at a high cost.  Many sufferers will feel too embarrassed to ‘come out’ about their unusual fear of an everyday way to get from A to B.

Animals showing signs of car phobia must be identified quickly and training given to put the animal at ease.

Amaxophobic Dog - Montreal Dog Blog

18% Of Motorists Expressed 'Love' For Their Car

A spokesman said, “We named our site because many people love their car for many reasons, not just the practical benefits but the freedom, independence, identity and status a car can give.  In over 108,000 car reviews - from Ford reviews to Ferrari reviews – over 18% of car reviewers actually included the word ‘love’ in their comments.  However, there could be someone you know with this debilitating phobia and motorists the world over must consider how they can help.” would like to credit a number of internet sites including Wikipedia, Psydoctor and Pe2000 for information. There is also an interesting piece on dogs who are scared in cars in the Montreal Dog Blog .  

Amaxaphobiacs are encouraged to speak to professionals specialising in the treatment of phobias to help them conquer their car related fears.

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