Wednesday 6 November 2013

Would You 'diss' Your Car After Selling It?

Do owners 'diss' their cars after they have sold them? recently found out that Freelander petrol cars were voted the 'Worst' cars in Britain in our analysis of 81,420 car reviews. 

One journalist said, 'not surprising they reviewed it poorly, they'd just sold them' or words to that effect.  

We went back to the database to get a scientific answer to the question?

Do owners 'diss'* their cars after they have sold them?

The Facts:  

  • Just over 50% of all reviewers had sold their car at the time of their review. That means almost half still had their car at the time they reviewed their vehicle.
  • The majority of 'no-longer-owners' sold their car privately, part exchanged it or sold it to a dealer within the previous 12 months - meaning memories of the car reviewed were fresh
  • The survey was anonymous - there being no reason why owners (or no-longer-owners) would need to shape their response in any way.

In the overall survey, the ratings for ALL cars were the same (within a fraction of a per cent) between the two equal groups; those who had sold their car and those who still owned the vehicle  they reviewed.

There were very few exceptions.  One of the few surprises, when we conducted a model by model analysis, was Skoda owners and no-longer-owners.  Their ratings DID drop significantly once they'd sold the car.  

Freelander petrol reviews were universally poor - if their owner had sold them or not.

The Answer:

So the answer to the question is: "Owners Don't 'Diss' their Cars" (unless they owned a Skoda)

(*diss means disrespect for the non-street kids among us)

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