Wednesday 20 November 2013

'Worst' BMW Announced

BMW Baby Is Unloved and Not Recommended

15,240 BMW owners surveyed by reveals the best and the worst BMWs on British Roads.  With Snow coming to Britain, the BMW 1 Series is not recommended.
Most Recommended BMW: 3 Series Diesel Coupe
BMW, one of the most desired car brands the world over, produce some of the most recommended and desired cars. 

The latest survey results announced today reveal that 15,240 BMW owners highly recommend some models but not all.

BMW owners were asked; 'Would you recommend your BMW?'  The poll, covering almost every BMW model on British roads, revealed the five least recommended BMW.

Least Recommended BMWs:

Overall the petrol driven BMWs tend to be less recommended than their diesel counterparts.  
The most recommended BMWs were
Overall the petrol driven BMWs tend to be less recommended than their diesel counterparts. 
BMW Baby Is Not A Snow Baby
With snow set to come to the UK this week, owners comments about the BMW 1 Series give a clue to why they are not as recommended as their bigger brothers:
 "Not at all good in the snow. I had to have 4 concrete blocks in the boot !!    The run flat tyres also eat tyres - very expensive!!"

 "Great to drive everybody else who travels in the car hates it. Very bumpy on English roads getting rid of the run flats improved things slightly…. Leave it at home in the snow even with snow chains"

 "The 118d has to be the worst car I have ever owned.  Do not rush into buying one.  You may regret it.  Go to Mercedes instead."

Good For 50 Weeks Of The Year

The Met Office states that, last year, there were 16.5 days where snow was on the ground.  So even rear wheel drivers of the highly rated BMW range get great driving - most of the year!

BMW offer their corporate customers (but not apparently their personal customers)  winter driving guides.  Search on for 'Winter Safety On The Road' in BMW's own site - click here.

Highly Rated BMWs

It is worth remembering that BMWs in general have some of the highest ratings overall.  The BMW 1 Series may be bottom of the ratings for BMW owners but still beat many of its competitors. BMW have recently announced a model upgrade for the 1 series and it will be interesting to monitor owner ratings.

The Car Review site – Britain’s Biggest Car Information Resource is the UK’s largest car review site by number of reviews and votes on reviews. 

Overall there are some 81,500 car reviews where drivers rate their car on a number of factors including; economy, driving experience, comfort and if they would recommend their car.  Drivers can also add comments. Overall there are 240,000 'votes' cast by owners of the same vehicle on these reviews - do they 'agree or disagree' with the review of that specific vehicle.

In compiling the results above, only models where we have sufficient review information have been featured and this is usually over 100 reviews.  All reviews have been collected in the last 12 months.

BMW sells more rear wheel drive cars than most manufacturers but also supplies four wheel drive vehicles.  The comments above only correspond to rear wheel drive cars.

The Car Review is a closed survey which is by invitation only to known car owners.  In addition to the reviews, owners of the same car are asked if they ‘agree or disagree’ with the review they own or owned. 

Over 50% of all drivers still own their car at the time of the review and the remainder owned that make and model in the last 12 months.  Ratings between the two groups have been found to be statistically the same.

Image source: Sue Baker

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