Tuesday 12 November 2013

Car Ads Questioned By Dog Owners - Who Talk To Their Dogs

Whilst car adverts feature dogs peering out of open car windows in their ads - most car owners wouldn't allow it. 

WeLoveAnyCar.com dog owners survey also finds motorists talk to their dog in the car and 72% seek canine approval on its replacement.

Car adverts abound with deliberately cute looking pooches peering out of open windows with wind blowing their ears sideways whilst the driver speeds along.
The WeLoveAnyCar.com dog owners survey found that 62% would ‘never’ let their dogs hang out of cars whilst on the move and disapprove of the practice. 22% would only allow their dogs to peer out of open windows if restrained or held by another passenger.
The government and the RSPCA clearly advise dog owners to take care when transporting their dogs and all recommend a dog is restrained in some way – something car advertisers need to take note of when designing their dog friendly adverts.
The now famous Volkswagen dog ( #woofwagen ) adverts show dogs peering out of windows and close analysis shows all are restrained but this may not immediately be clear.
A spokesman for WeLoveAnycar.com - the biggest car review site in Britain, said, “Award winning adverts featuring dogs have won the hearts and minds of the public. But car and dog owners are not looking for accolades; just a safe car for their family and that clearly includes the family dog."

Dog Happy Drivers - A Breed Apart

This lovely pooch is safe, strapped in
and the car is parked.  His name is
Filbert. Sadly Filbert has passed into
the great kennel in the sky - but he
did this naturally.  Much beloved dog
of Shaun and Emma 
In a survey of 2000 car owners, those that owned dogs were found to be a breed apart when it comes to their dogs and advertisers are spot on in singling them out for attention. 
  • 50% have more than one dog
  • Dogs travel frequently – 12% every day and 78% ‘frequently’ over the week
  • 82% chose their car because it was suitable for the dog
  • 84% said their dogs traveled well
  • Only 4% took their dogs in the front seat - 29% in the back seats and rest in the estate or hatch back.
  • 60% claim to strap their dog in or hold put their dog in a carrier or cage.
  • 84.5% said “my car has to be right for my family and my dogs”
  • 72% said they “wouldn't buy a car if ‘it wasn't right for the dog”

Dog Owners Talk To Their Dogs

On a lighter note, 96.2% of owners talk to their dog in the car – often sharing their opinions of other drivers' abilities. The remainder will only talk to their dog if no one else is in the car. That means that ALL dog owners talk to their dogs on the move.

Car Reviewers Put Their Dogs First

WeLoveAnycar.com has over 81,441 car reviews. Another 240,000 people have added their opinions by voting on reviews they agreed or disagreed with. Yet it is perhaps the comments in the car review survey which illustrate how dogs really do take the lead in the car buying decision:
“I use this car to carry my 2 large dogs, 2 large children, their friends, my husband etc etc and it is very roomy." (in that order!) – Renault Espace review
“I loved the car but it just wasn't practical for my lifestyle anymore. Needed more room for 2 dogs!” Volkswagen Golf review
“…recommend it as a good family car, and i can get my 5 dogs in the boot comfortably too." Zafira review
“Only sold it to buy a 5 series as the 3 was too small for all my dogs. Otherwise great car.” BMW 3 Series review
“Rear seat space is poor for humans but fine for my dogs.” Honda CR-Z review
“...we chose the Meriva as it had a good low sill on the boot area and we have an elderly dog who can't jump high." Meriva review
“...this is my second Alhambra and it is used to tow a caravan and transport six dogs (posh van with seats removed).” Seat Alhambra review
“Love my Zafira and I can get 5 dogs in the back with the seats down :-)” Zafira review
WeLoveAnycar.com is the UK's largest car review site and combines the opinions of over 240,000 car owners. Reviews are by invitation only to known car owners. 50% of all cars reviews are made by current owners, with the remainder being submitted by people who owned that make and model recently. This mix is to ensure balanced reviews are provided.
WeLoveAnycar.com recognises the care and responsibility taken by car advertisers who feature animals in their adverts.
The dog survey is ongoing and was initiated on 5th November. The survey was only sent to known car owners.

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