Friday 15 November 2013

Top 10 Conversations Motorists Have With Their Dogs found that 100% of drivers talk to their dogs in their cars in their canine survey conducted on 5th November. Next they asked, "What do you talk to your dog about in the car?"

In a survey of 2000 car owners, 100% of those that owned dogs revealed that they talked to their dogs! The next question asked was, what do you talk to your dog about?
Initial findings are:
    Image source: Volkswagen UK
    1 Are they happy? Drivers will ask Benji, Lassie and Spot if they are ok in 'their' seat.
  • 2 Destination. The motorist will tell their dog where they are going.
  • 3 Traffic Conditions. Car owners will tell their dogs that there are; traffic jams, hold ups, good roads and other important travelling information.
  • 4 Other Drivers. Should another driver swerve in front, make a wrong move, do something dangerous or just plain silly like suddenly breaking then the dog may well be asked his opinion.
  • 5 Moaning. Dogs will be privy to moans about; the driver's partner, mother, kids, co-workers, relatives, friends and even lovers. (if dogs could talk!)
  • 6 Weather. Being British, the weather is always a subject of conversation especially if it is; too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry or if there is too much snow or sun.
  • 7 The car. At any slight malfunction of the car, the driver will discuss this with the dogs.
  • 8 Reward. In order to encourage good dog behaviour, drivers will indicate a potential reward such as a treat or a walk.
  • 9 Pedestrians. If drivers see; a jay walker, people crossing when they shouldn't, someone dressed strangely and especially if there is an attractive man/woman then the dog will be immediately informed.
  • 10 Apologise. If a driver makes a wrong turn, causes a snarl up, stalls the engine, is delayed or causes any other inconvenience then the dog will be placated with a "sorry."
100% of dog owning drivers admitted to talking to their dogs. However 3.8% said they only talked to their dogs when they travelled alone with their mutt or mutts.
The survey found the following dog happy drivers facts.
  • 50% have more than one dog
  • 12% take their dog for a drive every day and 78% ‘frequently’ over the week
  • 82% chose their car because it was suitable for the dog
  • 84% said their dogs travelled well
  • 4% took their dogs in the front seat
  • 29% in the back seats and rest in the estate or hatch back.
  • 60% claim to strap their dog in or hold put their dog in a carrier or cage.
  • 84.5% said “my car has to be right for my family and my dogs”
  • 72% said they “wouldn't buy a car if ‘it wasn't right for the dog” has over 81,441 car reviews. Another 240,000 people have added their opinions by voting on reviews they agreed or disagreed with. It seems that dogs also take the lead in the car buying decision:
“I use this car to carry my 2 large dogs, 2 large children, their friends, my husband etc. and it is very roomy." (in that order!) – Renault Espace review
“I loved the car but it just wasn't practical for my lifestyle anymore. Needed more room for 2 dogs!” – Volkswagen Golf review
Shaun & Emma, Filbert's owners, talked to him every day in their Audi. Filbert died recently - of natural causes - but the cabriolet couple miss his conversation.
“…recommend it as a good family car, and I can get my 5 dogs in the boot comfortably too." – Zafira review
“Only sold it to buy a 5 series as the 3 was too small for all my dogs. Otherwise great car.” – BMW 3 Series review
“Rear seat space is poor for humans but fine for my dogs.” – Honda CR-Z review
“...we chose the Meriva as it had a good low sill on the boot area and we have an elderly dog who can't jump high." – Meriva review
“...this is my second Alhambra and it is used to tow a caravan and transport six dogs (posh van with seats removed).” – Seat Alhambra review
“Love my Zafira and I can get 5 dogs in the back with the seats down :-)” – Zafira review

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