Tuesday 5 November 2013

The "Worst" Car In Britain

The WeLoveAnyCar.com survey, now standing at nearly 240,000 driver opinions and votes,  produced a new surprise today; 

The petrol driven Freelander may just be the worst car in Britain

Analysts of the car review database processed the opinions expressed by over 240,000 drivers and the result was a massive surprise. 

The team at WeLoveAnyCar.com made informal bets on which car it would be - many thinking it may be a Koren built Chevrolet or one of the poorer manufacturer models produced by French based car companies.

The Misery of the Freelander

The sheer numbers of the survey revealed the misery of Freelander owners - specifically of their petrol driven version.  In many comments a theme appeared; stories of not one, but many engine rebuilds mostly caused by the head gasket 'blowing.'  That, coupled with poor electrics, poor economy and poor performance, brought the average ratings down to the lowest of any model.

Would You Recommend?

Freelander owners also expressed their thoughts by answering the most important question; "Would you recommend this car?"  The result was the lowest recommendation rating of any model on the comprehensive car review database.

The good news is that newer Freelander models are improving and the Freelander 2 does better overall.

Given that there are 33.433 petrol driven Freelander models still on the road (according to the DVLA) prospective owners are best to check the WeLoveAnyCar.com database before they buy. 

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