Friday 31 January 2014

Celebrity Endorsement - When Will We Have Celebrity Cars?

Elizabeth Taylor's 'White Diamond' Perfume gave a boost to the fragrance industry to the tune of $1 billion dollars and transformed the market forever.
Now, with car manufacturers finding it hard to get the attention of car buyers, asks - "could it be time to introduce celebrity cars?" - and suggests 10 'tongue in cheek' car brands.

Top 10 Celebrity Car Brands

  • Lady Gaga - 'Gaga GoGo' - advanced 4x4 sports utility
  • Steven Spielberg - 'Jaws Wagon' - very large pickup truck    
  • Justin Bieber - 'Bieber Bug' - small, cheap car
  • One Direction - 'Directioner' - sat nav assisted super mini
  • Dame Judi Dench - 'Dame Ler' - luxury well appointed saloon
  • Elton John - 'Rocket' - flash, fast, appeal to older drivers
  • Simon Cowell - 'X Car' - very popular, mass market crowd pleaser
  • Gwyneth Paltrow - 'The Palt-Eco' - electric powered city car
  • Brad Pitt - 'Pitt Bus' - Large, well styled, MPV, great for big families
  • Oprah Winfrey - 'The Winfrey Bago' - top price motor home   
Victoria Beckham unveils her Range Rover Evoque in Beijing
Victoria Beckham was reported by the Daily Mail as having styled the Land-Rover Evoque. It is thought this collaboration would appeal to brand conscious Chinese buyers. This move is bound to be watched carefully by the World's major car brands who will adopt any successful formula to sell more cars. spokesman, the UK's biggest car review site with 108,800 car reviews, said, "Today there are few 'bad' cars, just different cars that suit different people. Although we've had some fun thinking of potential cars, it can't be long before more manufacturers ask celebrities - who appeal to a particular target market - to get involved in the styling and presentation of a car rather than just endorse it."
Elizabeth Taylor became even richer, as did the perfume company, by becoming involved intimately in the product and the promotion based on her brand and her image. Today the perfume industry has much higher sales and over 25% of all perfume sold is the product of a celebrity collaboration.
The Facebook page is open for suggestions on celebrity inspired car models and brands.
image via Daily Mail

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