Tuesday 4 November 2014

National Car Awards - 663,218 Owners Vote In Britain's Biggest Car Survey

They celebrate a Great British enthusiasm, our mutual love affair with cars. These awards - now in their second year - are on a very grand scale, decided by the results of Britain’s biggest ever car survey.

Yes, there are lots of other awards handed out every year across the motoring scene: gongs aplenty for the best, most beautiful, fastest, most frugal, most technically accomplished models produced by the car industry. So what is different about these awards?

UK Motorists Make Their Vote Count

The National Car Awards are not chosen by so-called experts, by small panels of professional car writers or technical boffins. They put the people who live with their cars, on a daily basis throughout the year, into the driving seat as judges. All the results are drawn from the experience and views of a vast army of actual owners of the cars reviewed.

Huge Database

The huge database of owner verdicts from which these awards are drawn exceeds any of those on which other motor industry gongs are based. The cars celebrated here have emerged as the best in their categories, resulting from the candid verdicts of over 650,000 actual owners who pay for, drive and live with their cars on a day-to-day basis over collectively millions of miles annually.
That is the acid test that all the winning cars in the WeLoveAnyCar awards have undergone: proving their merit in real world use by owners who have subjected them to the rigours of daily work, trial by family and all the punishing variety of driving in urban, rural and motorway conditions on roads throughout Britain.

Our Judges... YOU

Our judges – all 663,218 of them – are generous in their praise of cars that meet and exceed expectations, and just as candid in criticizing makes and models that fall below par.
So here we celebrate the winners of these exceptional car awards. This is the heartland of owner satisfaction, where collective weight of opinion matters. Drive the best.

Sue Baker
Editor In Chief

Sue Baker, seasoned Motoring Journalist, is the 'Editor In Chief' of the National Car Awards. Sue has overseen the process of making the Awards and adds her own commentary – helping car drivers decide on their next car - often one of the major financial decisions anyone can make.

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