Tuesday 10 June 2014

10 Reasons Why It’s Time To Say Good Bye to the One you Love

Most of our car reviews are positive – people love their cars.  But, you know when it is time to sell your car if you can say yes to three or more of the following:

  1. Is there a new version of your car coming out? (Means your version will be worth less).
  2. Is your car due its MOT - and are you worried? 
  3. Is your car worth less than you thought?
  4. Do you seem to be driving the oldest car on the block?
  5. Is your car heavy on fuel? 
  6. Haven't you looked back at your car when you get out recently?
  7. Are you bored with your car?
  8. Have you been prone to 'auto envy' - Admiring a friend's new car?
  9. Doesn't it fit your lifestyle - eg sports car with a baby seat, 4 kids in a Ford KA?
  10. Has it been more than 6 months since you cleaned your car (inside as well)?

Ford Ka review: "Have to change to a larger car now due to growing family! However i am very sad to do so and will miss her hugely."

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Picture credits: FordMedia
Review can be found: http://www.weloveanycar.com/car-review/review/ford/ka-hatchback/have-to-change-to-a-larger-car-now-due-to-growing-880203 

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