Tuesday 29 October 2013

Young Lovers Forced into Cars by Housing Shortage

Adults in their 20s, forced to live at home with their parents, have to find places to meet and their favourite location is often their car.
This insight came as a by-product of research conducted by WeLoveAnyCar.com for the National Car Awards published 19th August 2013. A spokesman said, "Detailed analysis of comments made in our 58,000 car reviews considered by the Awards survey revealed that access to cars by '20 somethings' for somewhere to meet up privately is becoming even more important now that more adults live with their parents."
Car reviews submitted by drivers to WeLoveAnyCar.com give an in-depth insight into UK motorists' strong and positive thoughts about their car. In the 62,693 Car Reviews so far submitted to Britain's largest car review site, 'love' is mentioned 6,339 times, 'fun' in 1,591 occasions and even 'sex' or 'sexy' in 289 car reviews.
According to The Telegraph article by Ed Cumming on 19th August 2013, the number of Britons aged between 20 and 34 living at home has increased by 28 per cent, to 3.2  million. Agony columns feature many stories of adults in their 20s not being allowed to bring anyone home by their parents, who set the house rules.
Young adults crave privacy to develop their relationships. Their car is the one place where they can control the situation and set the pace. In a study published by Bochum University, Germany in March 2009; The Car Use of Young Adults, of 2612 adults in their 20s, the car was thought to be a major part of a young person's identity and symbol of their independence - and a means to socialise.
In the Aviva publication; Family Car Report 2012, it was noted there were "swelling ranks of cars on family driveways." There is evidence that, whilst the young cannot borrow money for a house, many make car purchase a priority.
This week, several lenders launched their 'help to buy' mortgage products in the UK. This may reverse the trend of '20 somethings' living with their parents and able to park their car outside their own house and come in from the cold.

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