Thursday 17 October 2013

Too Old For Car Fun? Ten Reasons Why the Over 65's Are Safer, Wiser and Driver Better Cars Than Younger Drivers

'Tarmac Togs' - motorists over 65's - are a better bet than 'Wheel Snappers' - drivers in their 20's so says government statistics and the biggest car review site in the UK -

There is a constant call for older drivers to be restricted and even removed from the road. The fact is they are better drivers than motorists in their twenties and younger.

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Ten Reasons Why Tarmac Togs are Better Drivers than Wheel Snappers

1 Tarmac Togs drive newer cars.
The average age of a Wheel Snapper's car is 5 years & 5 months. Tarmac Togs is 3 years 11 months according to an OFT motor survey.

2 Wheel Snappers More Likely To Die Young.
Tarmac Togs have have 75% less accidents than their Wheel Snapper grand kids - as reported by Government Road Accident Data.

3 Wheel Snappers Drive Faster
Only the very old Tarmac Togs drive too slow for safety whilst the majority of Wheel Snappers drive too fast - speed causes accidents.

4 Tarmac Togs Spend More
The average cost of a Wheel Snapper's car is £4,800 but Tarmac Togs spend more than £6,800 on better cars - safer, newer with more up-to-date technology.

5 Car Ownership
90% of Tarmac Togs buy their car with cash and part exchange. 30% of Wheel Snappers borrow money on their cars with almost 90% borrowing if the car is bought from new. The Association for Psychological Science shows that people who borrow feel richer but care less about their cars.

6 Wheel Snappers Forget To Protect
Experienced Tarmac Togs are twice as likely to buy a warranty whilst Wheel Snappers forget to play it safe.

7 Wheel Snappers Have More Accidents
25% of all road accidents - as reported by Government - are by those in their 20s and younger. Motorists over 65 account for just 11% of accidents.

8 Tarmac Togs Do The Research
Whilst the Wheel Snappers look at the pictures, Tarmac Togs do the research and are twice as likely to refer to information on car review sites regarding reliability, economy and performance - and they're doing it on line too according to weloveanycar

9 Wheel Snappers - Quicker But Less Experienced
Wheel Snappers may have slightly better reflexes but the Tarmac Togs have experience of more road conditions and know what to do to avoid accidents.

10 Up For Car Fun
Tarmac Togs love to dream about their next car... even well into their eighties. The biggest car review site in the UK shows that age doesn't mean the Togs don't want a better car. One reviewer on the site quotes: "the Audi is now 8 years old never had a more enjoyable car long may it run for us at 87 years & 73 years. It will be a sad day if it has to go. Perhaps one day if affordable an Audi A1 4 door".

Sadly it isn't only campaigners and some politicians who jump on the band wagon when it comes to older drivers and their ability to function well behind the wheel. Often Tarmac Togs' adult children seek to take the wind out of their parents' sails. Another review on the site quotes one contributor who said, "My kids told me I was too old for another MX5". He was 70.

When it is time to hang up the keys, most, if not all, Tarmac Togs will know when the time is right. Until then they can dream, enjoy their car, the freedom it gives and drive more safely and with greater competence than Wheel Snappers - most of whom will be in the same position sooner than they think.

Image source: Fastlanekarting

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