Monday 7 July 2014

40% of Jaguar, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Owners: "We'll Buy Electric"

Nearly 40% of BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar drivers said they would buy, or seriously consider buying, an all-electric car capable of 300 miles from one charge from their brand.  

Electric cars can accelerate faster, are quieter, better for the environment and now their range is climbing fast - but who would buy them?

Electric Cars- Mainstream Choice For Prestige Car Buyers surveyed 24,227 owners of prestige cars and the results suggest the market for all electric cars is ready to move from the ‘eco-shadows’ to the mainstream and possibly become the one of the most important car market sectors in the next 10 years.

Tesla - Now Available In the UK

Currently, only the US-made Tesla boasts range and performance figures considered in the survey but now solid evidence exists that the European brands’ investment in all-electric technology could be a way to increase sales and retain customers.

The Survey - Shock Results?

Each car owner in the survey (3,896 Jaguar owners, 8,154 BMW, 6,240 Mercedes and 5,937 Audi drivers) were asked the question: “All other things being equal (price, style, options and performance), would you consider buying a totally electric Jaguar/BMW/ Mercedes/Audi with a range of 300 miles from one charge?” survey results showing the level of interest among BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar drivers in buying an all electric car from their brand capable of doing 300 miles.  40% would buy and would seriously consider buying an all electric car from their brand
Would You Buy an All-Electric Car with a Range of 300 miles?

The results of this survey are remarkably similar across all prestige brands. BMW drivers are perhaps more open but, with around 40% of all prestige brand car owners surveyed saying they would, or would seriously consider, buying an all-electric car, manufacturers interested in retaining their market share must take note.”

Only 12 to 17% of all respondents said they'd never buy an electric car with a 300-mile range. 

BMW Illustration showing comments of BMW owners

Electric Cars - Highly Charged Battle Ground For the Luxury Sector

BMW is arguably ahead of the electric race with a multi-million Euro investment in electric technology.  They have clearly done the research and see the size of the market becoming the key battleground for the prestige driver.  

Investment Available For New Entrants? 

Tesla, the most advanced all-electric car manufacturer, have recently announced that they are happy to share technology, helping both major car companies and, perhaps, new start-up automotive manufacturers alike.  It can’t be long before the market potential, access to technology and governments with ambitious emission-reduction targets attract major investment from the deep pockets of the investment community.

Big Budget Buyers - Ready To Switch? 

Our 132,872 car owner reviews have major themes; the most popular being fuel economy.  This survey shows that fuel economy is just as attractive to the motorists with high disposable income as those on a tighter budget.

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